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FOREFRONT is a college and young adult faith community.  The energy behind the community is the idea that as believers, we can be at the forefront.  We don't have to follow the world's standards.  We don't have to settle for just being relevant to the world around us.  Ultimately, we can lead the way.  


To expand this generation's idea of what is possible with a life lived for Christ.  


To be a community of young adults who serve God with passion and live life with purpose. 


1. It's Possible: All things are possible with God. 

2. You're Necessary: God has a plan for you, a place for you, and a people for you. 

3. It's Worth It: The Christian life is not meant to be easy, just worth it. 




Our quarterly young adult service takes place 1st Friday of the month. The next one is November 3rd, at 7:30pm.   The gathering is a dynamic social and spiritual experience that involves entertaining group interaction, passionate worship, and an impactful message.



Our weekly gathering takes place every Sunday. The gathering involves reflection and group discussion regarding the content presented at our monthly gathering.  Anyone can jump in, even if they haven't attended the monthly experience.  


Our socials give us a time to connect and grow relationships outside of the church! Email us for info on our next social!


For more information contact